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Foldable Pet Crate (Various Sizes) - House Of Pets Delight (HOPD)
Foldable Pet Crate (Various Sizes) - House Of Pets Delight (HOPD)
House of Pets Delight

Foldable Pet Crate (Various Sizes)

From $79.99
The Dog Room in Large (Custom Order) - House Of Pets Delight (HOPD)
The Dog Room in Large (Custom Order) - House Of Pets Delight (HOPD)

The Dog Room in Large (Custom Order)

The Dog Room in Medium - House Of Pets Delight (HOPD)
The Dog Room in Medium - House Of Pets Delight (HOPD)

The Dog Room in Medium

From $814.00
The Dog Room in Small - House Of Pets Delight (HOPD)
The Dog Room in Small - House Of Pets Delight (HOPD)

The Dog Room in Small

From $699.00

We know that you want your pets to have everything they need to be happy and healthy. Start by buying them a good pet kennel, hutch or coop! 

Buying your pet their first kennel is a big deal. There is a lot to consider, including size, sturdiness, portability, hygiene and materials. While this may seem like an overwhelming list, it won’t be when you shop online at House of Pets Delight. We take the stress out of choosing your dog or cat’s kennel by reliably choosing kennels, hutches and coops that are made from pet safe material and that have sturdy construction combined with genius designs. 

We are confident that you will love our range, which includes both indoor and outdoor pet kennels, cages, hutches and chicken coops. We also supply pet steps for those pets with a disability or age-related mobility issues, so that your BFF can continue to access their favourite places. Our pet kennels and stairs are well known for their quality and durability, as well as their practicality for use across a range of different purposes and situations. No matter what your pet’s age, size or health specifications, we have the perfect set-up to suit them!

If you're wondering what your pet wants in a kennel, hutch or coop, you need to see our premium range. 

Whether you are looking for a sweet yet functional chicken coop to house your very own laying girls, a rabbit hutch for your bunny or in need of a kennel or indoor training and sleeping crate for your new puppy or dog, we’ve got exactly what you need. 

You don’t need to look any further than our online collection of exceptional hutches, coops and kennels. All of our products are made from pet and eco-friendly materials and designed for your pet’s maximum comfort, security and safety. We also cater for your feathery friends, as well as offering you a selection of helpful pet steps in a range of different heights and materials. Even better, our product descriptions are detailed, to help you assess whether or not what you are looking at will meet your pet’s needs. At House of Pets Delight, you finally have everything you need for your pet at your fingertips! 

Our large range includes

  • Wire bird cages in different styles and sizes
  • Foldable crates
  • Foldable and portable pet stairs
  • Indoor and outdoor wooden or wire framed rabbit and guinea pig hutches
  • Wooden chicken coops with or without nesting boxes
  • Pet play pens
  • Timber dog kennels with or without patio 

You can’t go wrong with our premium range of kennels, hutches and coops. House of Pets Delight has everything you need to ensure that your fur baby is safe, comfortable and warm when they sleep, so that when they wake up in the morning, they’ll be ready and waiting to enjoy another fun day with you! 

You'll love shopping online with House of Pets Delight so much because we want to make choosing your pet's kennel, coop or hutch so much easier

Shopping for your pet’s needs doesn’t have to difficult when you shop with us at House of Pets Delight. We want you to feel unrushed, supported by the right product information and secure in the knowledge that our specially selected range of products will offer you quality, durability and value for your money. 

Don’t hesitate, shop online via our website and take a look at our fantastic range of pet hutches, coops, kennels and portable stairs, all made and designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. Also, check out other pet care products including pet health products, dog bowls, carriers, cat beds and more. You can contact us if you need help with choosing what will work the best for your pet, or if you need our customer support service for any reason. We look forward to helping you today! 



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