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Pet Carriers & Strollers

We want you and your dog to be happy and healthy! That's why we are committed to providing you with the dog strollers and carriers you need. 

Staying at home all day alone too often isn’t good for your dog. Dogs are very social animals and fret for their owners if left alone for too long. Sometimes, it isn’t convenient to walk with your dog somewhere, especially when you need to run errands or drive around town. Depending on the age and condition of your beloved dog companion, injury or disability may also be a contributing factor to whether or not you need a dog stroller. 

Our furry friends also come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know how much physical stress they can handle within a certain time frame. Smaller dogs can be conveniently carried by owners in a dog carrier backpack, while some owners might just want to spoil their pooch with a luxury stroller designed to give them a break on the way home from the park. There are many different reasons why people use dog strollers, so it’s good to know that House of Pets Delight has a wonderful range of carefully selected dog prams, strollers, carriers and backpacks to suit your needs! 

You need your dog's pram or carrier to do the work for you and we have everything you could want in our perfect range! 

Does your dog sometimes struggle to keep up with you when you exercise? Do you ever find yourself wishing it were easier to take your dog out to places where it’s not appropriate for them to run around? One of the great reasons why pet owners use a dog pram or stroller is to make it easier for them to bring their pets along on an outing or activity that they may otherwise be able to attend. Dog strollers take the struggle out of these situations and provide a safe and secure place for your dog to comfortably join in! 

House of Pets Delight understands all of these dilemmas. After all, we are dog parents too! It’s normal for pet owners to want to bring their dogs with them wherever they go, especially if they live in an apartment building with limited or no access to a backyard. Dog strollers allow you to truly involve your dog in most activities and provide you with a safe and secure space in which to give your dog time out and to protect them from other animals, children or potential threats. Even better, you will never have to carry your dog for long distances again when the footpath is too hot! 

Our range of strollers and carriers includes

  • Bicycle pet strollers/trailers
  • Three-wheel pet strollers
  • Multifunctional wheeled carriers
  • Luxury pet jogger strollers
  • Pet travel carriers
  • Pet air travel carriers
  • Pet backpack carriers
  • Ultimate five in one pet carrier and stroller 

We want you and your dog to enjoy the convenience, safety, and comfort of our premium dog strollers and travel carriers 

There is no reason for your dog to be stuck inside all day when you have one of our premium dog strollers. Watch your day suddenly get easier when you have a dog stroller to transport your treasured companion with you, wherever you go. With so many options available to suit your lifestyle and activities, there is nothing stopping you and your dog spending more time together than ever before. 

Start your perfect day together now, by checking out our dog prams, strollers and travel carriers online. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding choosing the right dog stroller or carrier to suit you and your dog. 

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