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Teaching Your Dog To Accept A New Space

Teaching Your Dog To Accept A New Space

Just like humans, dogs need some time to adjust to unfamiliar environments. But unlike humans, they can’t communicate with words to help us know how well they are taking to change. But there are ways to help your dog ease into its new environment. Some of these ways are:

1. Maintain the Old Routine

You don't have to impose drastic changes on your dogs. That you have changed its environment is enough. 

Try to keep up with the other routines that the dog is used to. Walk the dog when you usually walk it, feed it at the usual time, let it out to play at the usual time, and more. 

The aim is to make the dog find something familiar to hang on to.

2. Set Up the Dog’s Space Immediately

Immediately you get to a new space, set up your dog’s corner. Keep its bed, toys, blankets, food bowls and every other similar item in your dog’s new space. 

By doing this, you are giving the dog objects that look and smell familiar. The dog can always retreat to these familiar items when it needs to.

Dog Anxiety Stress Free Environment

3. Stay Home With Them

Your dog needs to understand that this new environment is the new home. It needs some time to feel safe in it. Always have them around you in the first few days after you move. 

This way, your dog can familiarize with the new environment while having you around to help. And if you absolutely need to go out, take your dog with you or leave it with a trusted friend or family.


Dogs, like you, need time to adjust to new environments. Don't rush them. 

If they're experiencing some anxiety, you would need to be extra patient with them. Products like an adaptil collar and diffusers are also advised in this situation. 

Be patient with them and give them all the attention they need. And when they are familiar with the new space, you can all settle into your old schedule. 

By the way, if you don't already have it, dog hair vacuums make a great addition to your new home. They help you easily clean up dog hair. 

Author: Groom & Style


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