Teepee Tents

You'll want to see your fur baby looking cosy in their adorable pet tent and we have exactly what you need! 

Pet tents are an ingenious way to enhance your home décor while also providing a sheltered place for your BFF to rest and relax indoors or outdoors. House of Pets Delight stocks a stunning range of pet tents, most of which are portable, foldable and can even be used as playpens. 

Our pet tents offer your pet an adorable, décor enhancing place to retreat to when they need it the most. Your cat or dog may feel the need to move away from the busyness of the household from time to time. This is completely normal behaviour, as just like us, dogs and cats can become overstimulated by noise and may also need to seek a haven away from smaller children. Your pet tent will allow them to remain close by but secluded, giving them a chance to recharge their energy and sense of equilibrium so that they can emerge and go back to being involved in everything that you do.  

You'll want a pet tent that is as adorable as your pet because you need it to be decor friendly so that it can fit perfectly into your home surroundings. 

Pet tents can do more than provide a secluded retreat for your best friend. They can also unexpectedly add a pop of colour or add interest to your indoor décor, depending on the style you choose. We have different styles available to suit different tastes and know that we have the right pet tent for you. 

Our pet tents also come in different sizes. If you have more than one pet, you may want to consider purchasing a large sized pet tent so that all of your pets can fit in it together. This way, your pets will have an alluring place to rest and relax in, instead of on your expensive furniture, meaning more enjoyment and less stress for you. Pet tents are not only for indoor use either. You can take them outside into your yard areas on a nice day and even go camping with them, providing your pet with a sheltered space of their own to sleep in. Many of our pet tents are foldable, so you could take your pet tent with you to an event or on a picnic and set it up for your pet to provide them with a sun shelter and a secure space that is just for them. 

Our range of pet tents currently includes

  • easy to transport, cotton canvas pet tee pee in Chic
  • easy to transport cotton canvas pet tee pee in Crochet
  • easy to transport cotton canvas pet tee pee in White

Each pet tent is washable and made from comfortable, breathable fabric that is pet and eco-friendly. 

House of Pets Delight wants you and your pet to love their new tent, so we place an emphasis on quality and durability as well as style. Our tent styles are easily put together and will provide your pet with endless hours of comfort, at the same time as saving your décor from shredding or shabby looking pet beds. 

If you require an adorable, multi-purpose pet bed that doubles as a portable shelter, you need to buy a pet tent from House of Pets Delight today! 

Pet tents have so many different uses and advantages for you and your pet! We know that you won’t regret purchasing your beloved pet a pet tent from House of Pets Delight. Our pet tents are well made, easy to construct and can be used for many different purposes. They are also made from eco and pet friendly materials and come in some seriously stylish designs! 

Contact us if you require customer support or advice on how to choose your new pet tent. You and your pets will be thrilled that you did it. Shop our online store today for your new pet tent and other dog or cat products, pet health products, pet outdoor products and more from House of Pets Delight.