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The REVOLUTION range of topical parasiticides help protect and control fleas on your cat. Kills adult fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae in the environment. Treats, controls and prevents flea infestations. Controls flea allergy dermatitis . Prevents heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis. Treats and controls ear mites (Otodectes cynotis). Treats and controls intestinal hookworm (Ancylostoma tubaeforme) and roundworm (Toxocara cati). Suitable for cats and rabbits of 2.6-7.5kg body weight. Remove the REVOLUTION tube from its protective package. 

Depress the cap to puncture the seal on the tube, then remove the cap to apply product. 

Apply the product directly to skin without massaging into the site. Part the hair on the back of the animal in front of the shoulder blades until skin is visible. 

Place tip of tube onto skin and squeeze the tube to empty its entire contents directly onto skin in one spot. Revolution is an easy administer, all one flea and heartworm treatment for dogs and cats that simply works inside and out for a full month. 

  • Controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis in Cats
  • Kills Adult Fleas, Flea Eggs and Larvae in the Environment
  • Treats and Controls Ear Mites in Cats and Rabbits
  • Treats Biting Lice
  • Waterproof after 2 Hours in Cats

Monthly Treatment

Safe for treatment of kittens from 6 weeks of age, and safe for use in pregnant and lactating queens. Safe for use in rabbits over 8 weeks of age.