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Art Of Whole Food Bone Broth 500G

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Available in Chicken & Beef - bone broth for pets is a delicious way to nourish your pet as an addition to their regular diet.  It’s gentle on sensitive digestive systems & will support your pet’s general health and wellbeing.

Use as a meal topper for dry food or in summer freeze as a tasty ice block treat!

Made using all natural human quality ingredients - Beef: grass-fed beef bones, filtered water, carrots & parsley - Chicken: Free-Range Chicken Bones, Filtered Water, Carrots, Parsley

Grain free, non-GMO and no preservatives.

Why Feed Your Pet Bone Broth?
Bone broths aren’t just for humans – pets can enjoy this tasty and nutrient-rich liquid gold, too! Generally speaking, bone broths are made with simple, wholesome ingredients (starring animal bones like beef or chicken) and simmered in water for hours to extract most–if not all–the nutrients from the ingredients. The delicious taste, vitamins, and minerals have now seeped into the water, creating a healthy liquid you can add to any dish.

For your pet, you can use bone broths like the Art of Whole Food Pet Chicken Broth to nourish your pet and make food more tasty and nutritious for your furry friend. Here are some other benefits of feeding your pet bone broth daily:

  • Extra Hydration – If your pet isn’t getting enough water during the day or you want to give your pet an extra dose of hydration, bone broths give pet food extra moisture that your pet can absorb. The water also helps hydrate dry pet food to make it easier to eat and digest for pets.
  • Supports Joint Health – Bone broths are known to have a high amount of collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin, which are vital nutrients that ensure your pet’s joints are healthy and strong to better support your pet’s daily activities. These nutrients found in bone broths can also be beneficial to senior dogs with common joint-related ailments like arthritis. 
  • Increases Nutritional Intake – By using Pet Broths in dry pet food, you can replace some of the nutrients lost when dry pet food is cooked.
  • Promotes a Healthy Gut – The intestines have tiny holes where nutrients can leave the gut and nourish the body. However, with a poor diet, stress, or other factors, these holes can become bigger or more holes can open up, making it easier for toxins and undigested food to leak out of the intestines (AKA leaky gut!). This can cause food allergies or sensitivities for pets. Bone broths contain amino acids like proline helps reduce any inflammation in the gut and prevent leaky gut by strengthening the lining of the intestines. The gelatin found in bone broth also helps seal up these holes to prevent unwanted matter from seeping out of the holes.
  • Hypoallergenic – Bone broths like this Pet Chicken Broth typically don’t contain grains or other allergens that are common among pets, which means it’s gentler on the stomach and a breeze to digest. The low-allergen broth formula can even benefit your pet’s skin and fur coat health since it doesn’t contain common irritants.
  • Better Skin Health and Shinier Fur Coat – The wide range of vitamins and minerals found in bone broths can help keep your pet’s skin moisturised and healthy while also giving their fur coat a soft and shiny appearance. 

How You Can Add Bone Broth to Your Pet’s Diet
Pet Broth is incredibly versatile and you can add it to almost anything your pet eats! Here are some ideas for you to try at home after adding bone broth to your pet’s diet:

  • Add to your pet’s dry or even wet pet food for added moisture, nutrition, and flavour. You can use the Pet Chicken Broth as a topper as well or mix it with other topper ingredients such as pet food gravy.
  • Mix with pet-friendly raw food ingredients or your pet’s favourite treats and freeze in ice cube trays for a healthy and refreshing treat! Or you can simply pour the broth in the ice cube tray and freeze the broth alone. Give it to your pet as a treat during the day to hydrate and nourish them.
  • Pour into a treat-dispensing toy or freeze it for another fun frozen treat.
  • Mix with powder-based pet supplements to make it easier for your pet to ingest. (Note: Please read supplement administration instructions first before adding to bone broth.)
  • Use bone broth instead of water or milk in homemade pet treats.

Daily Feeding Guide 
Puppy – Small 30-50ml, Medium 50-100ml, Large 100-150ml
Adult Dog –  Small  50-100ml, Medium 100-150ml, Large 150-250ml
Kitten  –  20-40ml
Adult Cat –  40-80ml