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Cat Memory Nest

House of Pets Delight

Wooden Coconut Tree Cat Lounge Chair

House Of Pets Delight

Coconut Lifestyle Cat Tree

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Wooden Pet House Kennel with Elevated Double Feeder Bowls

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Cat House with Memory Foam Mat Calming Bed Kennel

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Fluffy Elevated Cat Chair


Calming Hoodie Cuddler - Bliss (2 Sizes)

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Calming Hoodie Cuddler - Silver Fox (2 Sizes)

From $129.90
House of Pets Delight

Soothing Calming Donut Pet Bed in Pink

From $69.99

Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat - Orange

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Your cat wants a warm, cosy, secluded cat bed to sleep on and we have everything they require! 

Cats are playful and energetic animals, until they’re not. Which is exactly the time when they are ready to take a nap or curl up for a nice, long sleep in their favourite cat bed. When that happens, you don’t want to have to tell him that you haven’t bought him one yet. Your cat will be forced to take their next preferred or available spot, which will probably be either on or in your bed, or on top of your fresh, clean laundry! 

Cats love to nap and sleep indoors and if you don’t want to find them curled up somewhere that they shouldn’t be, you need to provide them with a cat bed or cat cave bed. Once you do this, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner. Cat beds are specially designed to meet a cat’s needs regarding where and how they like to sleep. Most cats prefer seclusion to open rooms when it comes to retreating for a nap. They like to be out of reach and out of sight, but where they could still easily pop their head out if something needed to be checked out. House of Pets Delight have a range of perfect cat beds and cat cave beds that will meet all of these criteria and offer your cat a peaceful place to calmly smooth their fur and catch the sleep they need. 

If you want your cat to have a top sleeping place, you need to buy from our range of premium cat beds and cat caves. 

Most cats require a sense of security when it comes to choosing where they sleep indoors. The more secluded they can be, the more secure they feel. That’s why our cat beds and cat cave beds are the ideal solution! The majority of cats will love the sense of isolation and seclusion that stepping inside a cat cave bed provides. While some cats are very relaxed and can enjoy naps in more open cat beds and locations, cat cave beds in particular will soothe the nerves of almost every cat, especially those who have an anxious temperament. House of Pets Delight stock some of the best cat cave bed designs, guaranteed to make your precious kitty feel safe and sound. 

House of Pets Delight understands your cat’s needs and we use this insight to inform the selection of our fabulous range of cat beds. We want your cat to feel comfortable, secure and content as he curls up to sleep in one of our specially chosen cat beds. Making sure that your cat’s new bed is the right size for them is important. Setting it up in a secluded place away from general household business will also ensure that that your cat loves being in their new bed. 

Our cat beds will impress you and your cat, and we have so many fantastic beds to choose from, including

  • Cat cave beds
  • Vintage retro suitcase pet bed
  • Soothing, calming donut bed
  • Little Arena pet bed
  • Chunky cotton braided pet bed
  • Foldable pet bed
  • Cat pyramid nest bed
  • Zentangle pet cave pod
  • Cat hide-out igloo
  • Sleeping Zipper nest
  • Colour Me Rainbow lounge bed
  • Soft cave bed/mat
  • Soft and thick pet bed
  • The Iconic Minimalist cotton pet lounge
  • Banana cat beds
  • Parisian pet cabana house 

Quality, durability and value are all key components of our product standards. Your cat’s new bed should be made from pet safe materials, wear well over time and continue to provide your cat with comfort and security for years to come. You and your cat will be glad that you found the perfect cat bed online at House of Pets Delight. 

A sense of comfort, security, and seclusion is what your cat wants!  Give them this today when you purchase their new cat bed from House of Pets Delight! 

Your cat will love their new cat bed and watching them relax and enjoy being in it will increase your happiness too. Keeping your cat happy and healthy is the aim of every cat parent, and we make it easy to achieve at House of Pets Delight. 

Check out our exciting range of cat beds online and make the decision to spoil your cat today by getting them the perfect bed. If you need any help or advice in choosing the right bed for your cat, please contact us and we will happily assist you.

Also, visit our website to check out the full range of cat products including scratch posts, bowls and more.

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