Pet Health

Do you want pet grooming and health products at affordable prices? We've got you covered!

Keeping your pet healthy and happy takes a little more than a walk to the park every day! Your pet also requires regular grooming and home health checks. We understand that this can feel like one more job you don’t have time for, but it is essential to your pet’s health and wellbeing. For some, taking their pet to a professional groomer once a month and having their vet administer worming tablets and perform nail clipping is the perfect solution. But if taking your pet to a professional groomer and vet on a regular basis is not an option, House of Pets Delight has the grooming and health care products that you can use at home to keep your best friend feeling happy and healthy. 

Our pet health and grooming products have been specifically chosen to help you provide the absolute best care that you can for your beloved pet with relative ease. Jobs such as fur grooming and nail trimming become easy and fun for both you and your pets and can actually improve and build upon the bond of trust and love that you and your pet share. While some dogs and cats despise being bathed and trimmed, some love it! Regardless of their temperament or preferences, you should find that our products will assist you in making the experience more pleasurable for both of you. 

We want to help you keep your pet healthy and happy, so we have the pet health and grooming products you need. 

When it comes to grooming your pet yourself, there are many excellent products available that can help you to groom your pet at home without causing them any discomfort or pain. Likewise, pet health care products have evolved to suit the modern pet, ensuring that their comfort is at the front and centre of any of the processes involved. All of this is great news, because it means that you can save yourself and your pet a lot of stress whilst take great care of them! 

House of Pets Delight has chosen an exceptional range of pet grooming and healthcare products for you to choose from. From mess-free fur brushing to safe and painless toenail trimming, grooming your pet can become a special bonding time rather than a stressful event for the two of you. As well as providing practical solutions to the obvious stress zones of pet grooming and health care, we want to ensure that the products we offer are of the highest quality materials, make and design so that you can be confident about your purchases. 

Our excellent range includes

  • Pet grooming Magic Massage and Hair De-shedding glove
  • Battery operated pet nail grinder and trimmer
  • Anti-slip booties for pets
  • 35W pet clipper grooming kit
  • Zylkene Anxiety and Behaviour capsules
  • Pet Health dry food- different varieties
  • Advocate fleas, heartworm and worm treatments
  • NexGuard Spectra chewable tablets
  • Soft pet collars
  • Feliway Feliscratch to redirect cat scratching
  • Adaptil set diffuser and refill
  • Feliway diffuser and refill 

Shopping for your pet grooming and health care products is made easy at House of Pets Delight so that you and your pet can reap the benefits of spending more quality time together while getting all of the essential jobs done.

You won’t want to shop anywhere else for your pet grooming and health care needs, because House of Pets Delight has it all! 

You won’t want to trust anyone else once you’ve tried us. You and your pet are our number one priority and we pride ourselves on the high quality, affordability and excellence of the pet health and grooming products in our range. 

Take a look at our online listing of outstanding health and grooming products for your pet. We know that you won’t regret your decision to shop with us today. If you need any assistance with choosing the right products for your pet, or have any other customer service enquiries about other pet products including pet outdoor products, pet tents, dog bowls, carriers, collars and leads, cat beds and more, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.