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The Monkee Tree - 18 Trunk Starter Pack

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Monkee Tree Starter Cat Ladder Pack

Whether you’re looking for a way to help your cat reach higher areas like a balcony or you want to create a cat gym to keep your cat active all day long, the modular Monkee Tree is a must-have for every cat-loving parent. This innovative and versatile cat ladder comes with 18 pieces that are easy to assemble indoors or outdoors.

In the Trunk Starter Pack, you’ll receive one Stump to create the base of the cat tree; 18 Trunks to build the stand for all the “branches” or steps; six Branches that act as steps for your cat; and one Tree Top to complete the cat tree ladder.

The Stump provides a stable base for the Monkee Tree and can even be secured on sloping floors. With multiple step positions, you can customise the placement of the Branches to your liking. For even more versatility, you can get other Monkee Tree kits to extend the cat ladder or add more steps. Designed to be extra safe for your cat to use, this cat ladder has steps that fold down when overloaded. The steps have slots where you can dangle your pet’s favourite toys and turn this cat tree into a playground!

As a multipurpose cat ladder, you can use the Monkey Tree indoors or outdoors, for multiple cats, inside cat cafes, cat hotels, cat daycares, large cat runs and more! You can also use the Monkee Tree as an alternative to cat scratch posts, towers, and other cat furniture. Made from sturdy plastic material, this cat ladder supports cats up to 12.5 kilograms in weight and is made to last. The Monkee Tree Trunk Starter Pack comes with easy-to-follow instructions for quick assembly.


Colour : White
Package Contents : 1 x Stump, 18 x Trunks, 6 x Branches & 1 x Tree Top
Total Height: 181cm
Pet Weight Limit : Supports Cats up to 12.5 kgs 
Excluded: Wall/Floor Fixings and Pillar Pipe to be purchased separately to suit specific installation.

Product Features
  • The ultimate indoor or outdoor scalable cat tree ladder for adventurous felines
  • Multipurpose modular cat ladder – great for multi-cat houses, cat cafes, cat hotels and daycares, and more!
  • Use to help cats reach higher places without injuring themselves
  • Makes a wonderful cat gym to help keep your cat active during the day
  • Adjustable stump that can accommodate even sloping floors
  • Versatile assembly with multiple step positions (horizontal and vertical)
  • Can be extended further and added to with other Monkee Tree Kits & parts 
  • Designed with a safety feature: branch folds down when overloaded
  • Attach toys by hanging them from step slots to create a playground for your feline
  • Made with durable, UV-resistant, and recyclable Polypropylene
  • Comes with simple instructions for easy assembly
  • Easy to clean and maintain for long-term use
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand