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Smart PETKIT Cozy Temperature Adjust App Control Pet House

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To offer your pets a comfortable sleeping temperature

PETKIT more cares about the pet's feeling of ambient temperature. To strain the little change of living place, Cozy's auto-induction and smart temperature control can create a more comfortable sleeping place according to the ambient temperature. You can also long-range remote control it via smart phone when you are not home. Cozy, offers a healthy sleeping place for your pets.

A smart pet house with adjustable warmth

Place temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the device and ambient temperature all the time accurately. To offer a more healthy sleeping place by automatically temperature adjustment.

Embracing Style Design

We imitate the feeling of embracing pets and form it to a pet house. Not only for a nice look, but also offer your pets a better sleeping place that full of sense of security. Fluid engineering air duct lowers the noise and maximizes the equipment efficacy.

Long -range Remote Control

The smart house via smartphone. Also can offer your pet a more comfortable rest place by adjusting the temperature according to your pet's preference.

Air-conditioning cooling system, adjust working speed automatically to cool down the temperature according to your set up.

Fluid engineering air duct.

Lower the noise and maximize the air-conditioning cooling system's efficacy

  • This new technologically advanced bed automatically adjusts the temperature to provide an extremely comfortable sleeping place for your cat.
  • Smart temperature control - temperature and humidity sensors monitor the device and maintain an accurate, constant ambient temperature
  • Ability to connect to the PETKIT App on your smartphone
  • Records and counts your cat's sleeping hours
  • The circular pod provides a sense of security and comfort that appeals to cats
  • The fluid-engineered air ducts lower system noise and improve overall performance
  • For small-medium sized cats or small dogs
  • The App provides a ‘Rest-time Record' and adjust temperature
  •  Nominal voltage: 6VDC
  •  Rated Power: 18W/300mA
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Cozy Smart Cool & Warm Pet House x 1
  • Power cord x 1