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Pet Weatherproof Pet Kennel - Grey

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Pet Weatherproof Pet Kennel - Grey

This durable plastic dog kennel is designed with a raised floor to helps keep the dog away from flea and tics, as well as keeping your buddy warn in winter and cool in summer. No tools needed at all.

* Durable construction
* Eco-friendly
* Weatherproof polypropylene material
* UV stabilised
* Raised floor design - Better insulation and keeping your pet dry
* Good ventilation - Side and rear vent included
* Lovely grey shelter house
* Level enable cosy environment
* Easy to clean
* Effortless assembly needed

* Material: Polypropylene
* Colour: Grey
* Overall dimension: 66 x 75 x 60cm
* Door dimension: 26x41cm

Package Content
1x Dog Kennel
1x Assembly Manual