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7 Level Cat Scratching Post

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7 Level Cat Tree

It's awesome feline play time for kitty with our Cat Tree! Scratching, hunting, jumping, exploring and every thing that a cat instinctively loves to do. With posts fully wrapped in sisal, the fabric induces cat scratching which actually helps to maintain kitty's claws as well as ensuring your prized furniture stay scratch-free. Platforms and cubby holes at various heights plus hanging mice toys all combine to give kitty loads of favourite places to perch, relax or nap. Not least, our cat tree is built to withstand vigorous cat activities from top to bottom.

* Premium carpet fabric 
* Fully wrapped non-toxic sisal posts 
* Seven different heights 
* Two mice toys included 
* Sturdy construction 
* Spacious sleeping platforms 
* Easy to assemble

* Material: Carpet fabric covering and sisal 
* Colour: As shown in photos 
* Overall dimensions: 50 x 50 x 170cm