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Why You NEED To Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Around Your Pets

Why You NEED To Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Around Your Pets

Eco-Friendly Pet Cleaning Products

Pets, as admirable and cute as they are, can give you some headache sometimes, especially when you have to clean the stains they leave behind, or those toys that are covered in dirt and bacteria rolling around your home. It’s almost like they look for creative ways to stain everything they come in contact with, those pets. From new puppy owners to 3 pet households pet cleaning products are a must-have for all pet owners.

Pet cleaning products have to be tough on stains, especially stains that wouldn't come off easily. As a result, some brands resort to some chemicals that are not only tough on stains but also harsh on the environment. These chemicals harm the planet and may even harm your pets. There are many cases of pets that ended up at the vet because they licked or sniffed some pet cleaning products that contained harsh chemicals. A study even has it that toxic chemicals in cleaning products are responsible for most pet deaths at home.

It is for the safety of our pets and planet that eco-friendly pet cleaning products are made. These products are tough enough to remove the most stubborn stains gentle on the planet and pets. This article is dedicated to some of those pet cleaning products.

How To Find The Right Eco-Friendly Pet Cleaning Products

You would need to know what chemicals are in cleaning products that make them harmful to your pets and the environment. Some of these chemicals are:

  • Phosphates
  • Ammonia
  • Nitrogen
  • 2-butoxyethanol

These products are not eco-friendly because of their volatility. Once they get into the systems of your pets, they cause issues. 

Pets are the biggest victims because they are closer to the ground than humans are. Pets, like dogs, like to sniff anything and everything. Imagine using a toxic odor remover to clean up somewhere your pet had just messed up. Then your pet is attracted back to the spot because of the chemicals it perceives. These chemicals then get into its nose and its system to do harm. Some of those chemicals could even burn the feet of your pets if they spent too much time around that spot.

Knowing What Pet Cleaning Products Are Eco-Friendly

Not all the cleaning products that have “Green” or “Eco-friendly” on their labels are actually safe to use around pets. Some still contain traces of chemicals that are toxic to your pets. So, how then do you know which pet eco-friendly products to buy? 

First, do a quick research on the different chemicals in the pet cleaning product to make sure they are eco-friendly. Steer clear of products that contain ammonia, nitrogen, phosphorus, 2-butoxyethanol, and more. 

Chemicals like 2-butoxyethanol may not be an immediate suspect of toxicity. The chemical has a deceptively sweet smell that attracts pets to it. But when your pets are overexposed to it, it could cause intoxication or eyes and nose irritation. This chemical is common in many multi-purpose cleaning products.

You would often find ammonia in glass and polishing cleaners. When humans perceive this chemical, it may or may not affect them, depending on how much of it they inhaled. But most pets don't have lungs that are as developed and big as ours. So when they inhale the chemical, it quickly gets to work in their mucous membranes, leading to difficulty in breathing, vomiting, or coughing. 

Ammonia could even lead to the death of a pet when mixed with bleach. And bleach is another household product that is used to clean toilets, floors, and windows.

Now that we know so much about the bad guys — the harmful chemicals — let’s mention some good chemicals that are eco-friendly.

Plant-based cleaners and enzyme cleaners are safe. The plant-based pet cleaning products are made with ingredients that are biodegradable. They don't get into the bodies of pets and wreak havoc as toxic pet cleaning products do. Non-toxic enzyme cleaners are awesome for removing vomit, urine, feces, dirt, grass, and even odor. 

Best Eco-friendly Pet Cleaning Products

Here at HOPD, We have sourced a great range of eco-friendly products we think you'll love! These are some of the best eco-friendly pet cleaning products:

Good Scruff Odour Eliminator

There aren't many other odor removers that are as effective as this Good Scruff Odour Eliminator. The moment you spray it, it gets to work on the odor molecules and breaks them down, leaving your home with pleasant smells without a toxic residue.

You can spray it on couches, dog beds, car seat covers, bathrooms, trash cans, and everywhere else without fear of harming your pets if they got close immediately after using the product.

Good Scruff Odour Eliminator is a plant-based cleaner that has biodegradable ingredients as its base ingredients. In addition to that, it contains pleasant oils for a natural fragrance. Some of these oils are basil oil, grapefruit oil, Cinnamomum Camphora leaf oil, geranium oil, bergamot oil, and cedarwood oil.

Good Scruff Toy and Bowl Sanitizer

This toy and bowl sanitizer is effective for cleaning bowls and toys that pets use without leaving a toxic residue. It is made from plant-based ingredients that are biodegradable, and it is free of synthetic perfumes, dyes, chlorine, phosphates, and any other chemical that could harm your pet.

Your pet toys and bowls are objects that often come in contact with the mouths of your pets, and so you would expect any product you clean them with to be safe for the pets. Good Scruff Toy and Bowl Sanitizer is a perfect example of such a product. You don't even need to rinse off this sanitizer after you clean with it because it is food grade safe. What that means is that it is just as safe as any other food when pets ingest it.

However, it makes no sense to feed the sanitizer to your pets directly, so keep it out of reach of pets. Before using it, shake it well before spraying it on the surface of the toy or bowl. Wipe the object after that and leave it to dry.


Steve (GS Customer) Urine & Odour Destroyer 

With a young cavoodle in a small townhouse, accidents can happen. The hard floor cleaner was great for not only removing the odd urine stain, but also got rid of the yucky smells that go with it. And the smell doesn’t annoy pup 

Chiara (GS Customer) Stain & Odour Remover 

Perfect for puppy accidents, muddy paws and everything in between! Love that this product is eco friendly & non toxic, and actually works!

Jenna (GS Customer) Odour Eliminator  

Love this product. Our dogs are spoilt and sleep in our bed. It keeps our bedroom and bed smelling clean. The scent is very fresh and not overpowering.


If you are reading this at all, it means you care about the safety of your pets and the environment. Keep it up. You can find more eco-friendly pet cleaning products from good scruff here.

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