Sky-High Experience: The top boasts a capsule nest, providing a lofty perch that gives your feline friend the sensation of soaring through the sky. Each corner is adorned with a springy ball, forming a regal crown atop the tree. Elevate their lounging experience and make your home their kingdom with our exclusive wooden cat tree.

Unparalleled Stability and Safety: The modern cat tree has a large base that provides ample space for cats to move around. The wooden cat tree's flooring is designed with a 2-inch thickness, providing added strength and stability. Whether cats are jumping, climbing, or resting, the cat tree remains sturdy, providing a secure space for them.

Exceptional Anti-Slip Performance: Our cat tree that comes with anti-slip pads on each step, made from premium materials to provide exceptional grip and traction. Ensuring that your cat can climb, play, and relax with confidence, without the risk of slipping or falling.

Secure Scratching Environment: Crafted from pure and natural sisal rope material, our cat tree provides a secure and stimulating environment for your beloved cat to indulge in their scratching needs.
Easy to Clean: Our cat tree offers easy-to-clean surfaces that effortlessly wipe away stains. The removable and washable cushion inside the cozy cat house ensures a fresh and hygienic environment. Even the plush balls are detachable and washable, providing endless entertainment for your cat.


Weight: 15 kg
Color: Brown
Dimension: 60 x 34 x 108cm