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Pet Strollers: Why You Need To Own A Pet Stroller

Pet Strollers: Why You Need To Own A Pet Stroller - House Of Pets Delight (HOPD)


Welcome to a new era, where the first best thing to getting around with your pets were tote bags with the furry occupants cropping up, the next best thing was the good old leash and collar... But what about our senior pets? Our injured pets? Our young low immune puppies walking around the public? Or even our anxious pets? Do they simply just not get a chance to explore the entire world in their own comfort?

Well now there are … strollers for pets. They may seem like an indulgent accessory, but the truth is, pet strollers (which cats can use, too) can be helpful to both of you and your companions in so many ways possible and are even more popular than they were back in the days!

These are the reasons why a pet stroller will change your world for the better and most importantly your pets world too! We have partnered up with some great brands to bring you the absolute best stroller options out there, from high end luxuries to a more affordable option both delivering success.

Our customers are loving the stress free options when it comes to travelling and roaming around with their furry loved ones!

Less Stressful Vet Visits

No more pulling leashes in the waiting room, anxious pets can enter in a much less stressful way, that cat howling as you struggle to lift it out of its carrier, or the other not so friendly dogs you may encounter in public areas. Strollers make these mandatory visits and outings more manageable and stress free for both you and furry. Keeping them tucked inside a personal and well ventilated space makes them feel more secure, whilst the most you really need to do is push the stroller around.

Injured & Senior Pets Live Again

If your pet is recovering from a surgery that will require more rest or less exercise, the arthritic pet a little stiff in the joints, the seniors/disabled who can't get around as much and are a little slower or any internal health issues your pets may be experiencing that may alter there everyday exercise regimes. Allow them to venture in the world and feel that fresh air on their cheeks.

Easy Travel & Outings

Travelling can be so easy now, almost all pet strollers can be easily folded in the back of the boot and easily taken out for a stroll.

No more tying pets up to poles while they anxiously wait for you while you shop, or that wriggly fella in your arms while you try to shop. Stores nowadays are becoming so much more pet friendly allowing you to take your pets inside with you, and what more better way than inside a stroller, showing them 'judgy' side eye people how its done. Be more at ease on hot days (or any day really) the concerns of leaving your pet unattended inside the car which is frowned upon for the sake of our little furries. Go for a jog and not have to worry that you've over exercised your pet leading to other issues!

... Practice will make perfect, lets change the world for the better!

Shop our chosen selection of strollers and other forms of pet travel items in CATEGORY: CARRIERS with complimentary shipping no minimum spend!

Simply leave us a message if you require assistance in choosing a stroller that will be in you and your pets best interest.

Much Love,




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