The Tropical Cat Cabana

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Imagine your on a summer holiday somewhere on an island and you've booked a cabana with your friends for the day living it up. Same thoughts but for your KITTY.

As the saying goes ‘healthy cat happy cat’. The raised bed stops any moisture build-up and provides a cleaner and comfier sleep for Mr Kittens.

Let your cat enjoy their new toy and save your fashionable furniture 

The three-legs combined with 2cm thick MDF makes for a solid and sturdy home for your cat. Watch as they enjoy their rest or bat the hang toy around.

Key Features:

  • Eye-catching
  • Hang Toy
  • Natural and safe
  • 2cm thickness MDF
  • Safe and Sturdy
  • Raised Bed
  • Non-slip Feet Pad
  • Three-legged wood structure
  • Detachable top
  • Hand washable

Material: MDF+Polyester fibre


55cm x 40cm x 47cm

Colour: Green