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50 Puppy Toilet Training Pads Blue

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Our puppy training pads feature 6 layers of material ensuring maximum absorption and also provides a soft and comfortable surface while your puppy is toilet training. Absorbing 850ml of liquid, making sure it won't stain your floor place while training your puppy.

The training pad is infused with a scene to attract your dog to use them. Designed with easy peel adhesive strips, it will surely make toilet training easy for you and your puppy. Reward them when they wee on the pad until you can move the process outdoor.

Cleaning up after your pets has never been easier with these pet training pad. Replacing it as easy as pulling out a sheet of paper. With 12 hours protection, you only need to replace it twice a day! Purchase now for a fast and convenient cleaning up.

* 6 layers of protection: Non-woven fabric, Top tissue, Fluff pulp, SAP, Back tissue, PE film
* Anti-bacterial protection
* Tear resistant covers
* Neutralises odours
* Scented to attract pets
* Completely absorbs 850ml of liquid
* 12 hours of protection
* Designed with easy peel adhesive strips
* Consists 5g of super absorbent polymer (imported from Japan)
* Imported fluff from USA
* Easy to dispose of

* Dimensions: 60 x 60cm
* Quantity per box: 50
* Colour: Blue