Collars, Harnesses & Leads

Do you want a cute dog collar, harness, and lead that makes walk time even better? We have everything you need! 

Buying the right dog collar and lead for your precious pup doesn’t have to be stressful when you shop online at House of Pets Delight!  We understand that buying a collar and lead is an important investment, but it can also bring you joy. Our collar and lead sets are great to look at as well as being highly functional so that your dog is comfortable and won’t want to fight against the lead and is made from durable materials so that it wears well. 

Wanting your dog to work with you instead of against you when you are out walking is something every dog owner cares about. After all, you want your dog to be happy, and you want to enjoy the walk too. Our collars, leads and harnesses are chosen to not only look good, but to also wear well to ensure that your best friend is comfortable and happy. This helps your dog to work with the lead better and, hey presto, you are both enjoying a perfect walk before you know it. 

We know that you want your dog to work with you, so we stock supreme dog collars, harnesses, and leashes to match their needs. 

The first thing to understand is that the leash connects you and your dog together. This is why it’s so important to make sure your dog collar and lead are comfortable, strong and resilient and that you like the way it feels too. Whether you want your collar or harness and lead to car travel and safety concerns, leads for when you want to go bike riding and bring your dog along with you, general walking or dog training sessions, you need a dog collar and lead that you can rely on. 

House of Pets Delight understand that style and safety mean a lot to our customers. You want your dog’s collar and lead to look good and keep your dog safe. Style always counts, because the style of the collar and lead that you choose reflects just how special you think your best friend is. Dressing them up in a cute collar with a lead to match says to the world, my dog is the best! We have the most adorable styles for you to choose from and there is something to suit every taste, including female and male colour themes. It’s also very important to know what size your dog is when you are choosing their collar and lead, so that you pick one that fits well. You don’t want the collar slipping over your dog’s head just as another dog passes by or about to cross the road. The safety of your dog when you’re out on a walk is front and centre of our products. 

We stock supreme dog collars, harnesses and leads that look great and keep your precious pup safe by your side, including

  • Dog leashes and collars all-in-one
  • Leather dog collar and leash sets
  • Female dog themed collars and leashes
  • Male dog themed collars and leashes
  • Fabric or cool mesh harnesses with matching leashes
  • Floral dog collars and leashes
  • Bow tie collar and leash sets  

Whatever style or combination you are looking for, House of Pets Delight has something to suit you and your dog and reflect just how much your dog means to you! Now you can finally spoil your dog with a collar and lead that doesn’t compromise on style or safety. 

If you and your dog want to be the leaders of the pack when you step out, you need to shop online at House of Pets Delight today! 

Your time spent walking with your BFF will be better than ever if he is wearing a collar and lead from House of Pets Delight. With your dog’s safety and comfort firmly at the centre of our product selections, we know that you and your dog will enjoy spending even more quality time together. 

Buy your dog’s new collar and lead from our impressive range. There is a style and combination to suit every activity, shape, size and age, giving you a chance to show everyone just how much you love your dog. Contact us if you need any advice regarding our range of top dog collars and leashes and what would suit your dog’s needs the best. 

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