Mushroom Cat Scratcher With Playful Ball

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A kitty mushroom wonderland

The Good Stuff:

1. Sisal Covered Posts & Scratching Pad: The longer cat scratcher post is wrapped with 100% natural sisal ropes to ensure the product is resistant and durable while providing a safe and cat-friendly toy for cats to play with. A small additional scratching board is equipped on the base, combined with the artificial grass bottom, together provide your cats a vivid and lifelike environment and extra space for your cats to sharpen their nails.

2. Designed For Kittens And Small Cats: The scratch post is designed with 2 heights to satisfy kitty different scratch needs, one small post and one tall post. The higher post is 18.9’’ in height about 4''-5'' higher than the mushroom post in the market. and with a 12’’ round base covered with fake grass to simulate green grass lawn. Suitable for indoor cats or kitten 

3. Interactive Toy & Promote Health: This kitten scratching post is a great interactive toy when cats are alone. The spring ball can exercise kittens’ catch ability; the artificial lawn make feline to feel the nature inside. Scratching on sisal post helps to remove the dead outer layer of claws and stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws.

4. Broader Base for Better Stability: The diameter of the base is added to 40cm/15.7 inches, which increases the stability at a significant extent, lower the risk of falling over while cats are playing on the scratcher.

5. Easy To Assemble: The cat scratching post can be assembled in a few minutes.

Material: High quality natural sisal material - Scratch-proof
Dimension: 40x40x54cm 
Overall Weight: 5.5kg