Igloo Playhouse Cat Condo Scratcher

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Elegant style, mild colour and interesting shape, this cat house will get your feline’s attention at once. It is designed like a cactus tree. On the top, there is a green sisal wrapped cactus with an interactive ball, which is vivid. A beige condo as its bottom, just like the cactus is growing in the soil. Give your cats infinite joy. This piece is creative and beautiful, whether it is placed in the living room, bedroom, balcony or other room of the house, it can be perfectly integrated with your home environment and become a pretty home decoration. The green cactus will add a touch of bright colour to your home. -
1. MULTI-FUNCTION: Consisted by 2 main parts, this compact cat house is both nice-looking and practical. Unique cactus shape design covered by natural sisal ropes is perfect for cat climbing, playing, and sharpening their nails. While a luxury condo equipped with a soft cushion allows your cats to have a comfortable and private sleeping. The cactus part is detachable.
2. PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made from high quality thick sisal rope with a tight weave, this cactus cat scratching post is sturdy and durable, which is perfect to stimulate cat's natural habits, effectively meet the cat's daily claw-clawing needs to keep their nails healthy. The interactive ball on the top is also made by natural sisal ropes to bring extra fun. This cat house undoubtedly is a special entertainment centre for cats.
3. EASY TO INSTALL: Designed to be simply assembled, you can finish this installation within a short time. Have it out of the box and screw all parts together ready for your cats to enjoy in minutes! Medium Size:36.00cm*36.00cm*42.00cm Large Size:43.00cm*43.00cm*47.00cm