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'The Unicorn Dreamz' Cat Scratch Post Tree

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A Custom Unicorn Experience Your Feline Will LOVE!

Every detail is cared, each stitch and sew is delicate. Smoothly changed colours to create a fairytale like atmosphere.


  • Free travel inside: the tunnel-like body structure allows cats to drill freely, and they can lie down and rest when they are tired.
  • Unlock hidden gameplay: the top window is convenient for cats to lie on the unicorn’s neck to grind their claws or hide inside to play hide-and-seek with you.
  • Start the interaction in one second: a cute little pompon hangs from the elastic tail, swinging back and forth when touched, inspiring the cat to catch interest.
  • Romantic corner of the home: Put the unicorn at home and accompany the cat while playing, satisfy all your imagination of romance.
  • Fantasy gradient color matching: full of fairy tale colors, easily create a romantic atmosphere.
  • High grade density board

Item is custom made - allow upto 20 days for shipment due to current delays. 


L50 X W35 X H105 CM